Odoo was founded in 2005 and with its more than 3500 expansion modules it is one of the most complete and flexible business systems on the market. The system has within just a few years positioned itself as one of the most used systems on the world market. One of the primary reasons for this success, and quite surprisingly, is that it is an open source project with more than 5000 developers worldwide.

Odoo is developed in Belgium by Odoo S.A. They have specifically chosen open source as there business model and that has proved to be the right way to success. You can choose “Odoo Enterprise Contract” for guaranteed updates and hotfixes.

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Odoo is an integrated ERP-system with webshop

  • Odoo is open source

  • Odoo is license free

  • Odoo is suitable for both small and large companies

  • Odoo can be customized to your company, though it is rarely necessary

  • Odoo has integrated a modern and effective webshop

  • Odoo has thousands of developers who continue to improve the system

  • There are thousands of qualified Odoo partners worldwide. All ready to help your company get started. Also if you have departments in other countries


Based on Open Source

With open source the software is available for free. Everyone with programming skills can adapt, improve and add to the software, making it the perfect fit for your company. With open source you are not limited by any restrictions made by the software manufacturer. The source code is open, which enables you to choose who should develop the new functionalities and others can easily and quickly take over and continue the development. Open source is developed by thousands of developers all over the world and this keeps the software active.