When creating a user

Odoo House's treatment of personal data is subject to the rules of the Privacy Regulation. This personal data policy may change. Visit our website regularly in order to keep updated. doo

Personal data
When you create a customer account with our hosting on our website, we only register the information you enter in order to forward the confirmation of account creation, registration for the setup of the product, and in order to advise you about payment for the creation. The registration happens automatically as the entered information is placed in Odoo House's system. 

When you create you account on our contact pages, we register only the information you enter in order to be able to answer the questions etc. you wish. The registration happens automatically as entered information is placed in Odoo House's system. Personal data is stored in a customer database. The access to tjese personal data are protected with login. When you contact us through our website, you simultaneously agree that you data is collected in compliance with the above stated. 

Odoo House ApS collects and processes information about you, when you:
- give information, when creating an account at Odoo House in order to use certain services
- download programs or other software
- send requests, complaints og give us feedback
- moreover, give personal data to us through the website

Odoo House ApS only collects the personal data, which is necessary to deliver the service you request. 

Passing of Personal Data
Personal data given on Odoo House ApS' website is only passed on to:
- The company's internal branches

How is the Personal Data stored?
Personal data is stores on servers in Frankfurt.
We only store the data, as long as it is necessary in relation to the above stated. 

As a customer at Odoo House you are always able to make objections against the registration, and you have the right to know what data are registered about you. These rights are secured by the Privacy Regulation. Inquiries regarding personal data policies are made to Odoo House through:

Be aware that there are data that we do due to the Accounting Law are obliged to keed for a certain period. This will be stated in event of requested deletion.